Resources for your practice

Download tools to break the silence with your patients, and screen and treat postpartum depression (PPD).

Tools to help your patients open up about their symptoms

Women may be uncomfortable disclosing symptoms of PPD. In one study, 43% of women reported stigma being a barrier to obtaining anxiety/depression help.1 The following resources are available to be used with patients to help them better understand and discuss PPD.

Topics for Discussion

Use this guide to help initiate conversations with patients and their loved ones about PPD symptoms and risk factors.

Patient Fact Sheet

Information to help your patients open up about PPD.

Tools to screen your patients for PPD

Use these standardized, validated tools to screen your patients for PPD.

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

A 10-item screening tool for assessing the severity of PPD symptoms.

Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)

A multipurpose tool specifically designed to detect symptoms of major depressive disorder, but commonly used to detect symptoms of PPD.

  1. Goodman JH. Women's attitudes, preferences, and perceived barriers to treatment for perinatal depression. Birth. 2009;36(1):60-69.